Make It Happen

First of all, I just want to say that I am blessed with some of the most amazing friendships. Quality > quantity, my friends. I will take value over status any day. I shot Sarah a text message last minute and asked her if she wanted to take a study break and go on a little adventure with me. I needed to film a video for my portfolio that day and she was so eager to help me out. Sarah always comes through.

I've been a busy bee ever since this semester began, between group projects and papers and job applications. I am currently in the midst of my final full semester of college and quite honestly, I think that is where I'm drawing most of my motivation to get through it. With graduation quickly (but not quickly enough) approaching, I've been working hard to apply to jobs. As of yesterday, I finished submitting all of the applications to my dream internships. I don't think I expected it to be as much of a learning experience as it was. While I only applied to roles I was qualified for, I still made sure beforehand that I was over-prepared for the application process. If there was any program I was told I needed to be experienced with or skillset I heard I needed to have, I worked to make sure it happened. I ran to Barnes & Noble and bought a book on AP writing style to make sure that I was proficient in it. I took advantage of every minute we spent in the classroom toying with Adobe programs so that I could learn more than I already knew about them. I'm slowly learning Portuguese because I know a third language will be a great asset (eu estou aprendendo portuguΓͺs, mas eu falo espanhol fluentemente). If you don't know something, go out and teach it to yourself. If you don't own something, go find it. Actively better yourself. I have a drawing on my mirror that says "grow today." Do something every day that will make a positive contribution to your life. It's so worth it. Do everything in your power to make your dreams come true. Because if they end up not working out, at least you'll know it's not because you didn't put your heart and soul into making them happen.

I took a few snaps from this golden adventure with Sarah Jane in between videos. Feel free to leave comments, I always love hearing from you guys. As always, my inbox is open for inquiries or general "hello"s. Have a golden day, my darlings! Go out and grow.