Year In Review

2016 was a year of dreams.

Fulfilling dreams. Finding new ones.

2016 brought me many of the best experiences and people I have ever known.  This year was crazy, yes, but I would be a fool to tell you it was anything less than my best year yet.  The seven months I spent living in Florida at the beginning of the year were my happiest thus far.  I was constantly filled with awe at the fact that I was living the life I had yearned and ached for for so long.  My Disney dream came true this year, and with it came the realization of the dreams I had of finding my truest friends.  I can honestly say that I am finishing this year with a heart that is heavy with gratitude, nostalgia, and excitement for the future.  Thank you, 2016.  You have been vastly underappreciated and I will miss (most of) you.

What does 2017 bring?  In 2017, I will be graduating college (finally!!!).  I will be chasing my dream of working for the Walt Disney Company.  I plan to do more photo shoots and create more images for you guys; I've been holding onto so many ideas that I can't wait to bring to life!  I will be introducing a new blog post schedule and adding an education series to my website.  I will be traveling to new places and meeting new people and documenting every good and bad moment along the way.  I will be making things happen for myself and living my best life.  You determine whether your year is excellent or sub-par, so go out there and make it great.

For my final blog post of 2016, I put together just a handful of my favorite photos and memories from the past year.  I really can't convey to you how challenging this was for me; I think I took a record number of photos this year and narrowing them down was a struggle, to say the least.  However, looking through these brought me so many laughs (and a few tears) and I'm thankful I got to close the year this way.

As always, leave any comments at the end with any questions or criticisms or praise you might have.  I love hearing from you guys!  Hoping you had a great 2016 and wishing you an even better 2017.

Photo Dec 26, 10 52 15 PM.jpg
Photo Feb 05, 2 05 37 PM.jpg
Photo Mar 02, 1 06 18 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 06, 12 54 31 PM.jpg

"The people you love will change you.
The things you have learned will guide you.
And nothing on earth can silence
the quiet voice still inside you."

- 'I am Moana' from Disney's Moana