These Are a Few of My Favorite... Photographers.

I've been asked multiple times over the past year or so for lists of photographers I like, whether they be for friends interested in photography as well or for people looking for a wedding photographer or whatever it may be.  I decided recently that it'd be easier and more organized if I just threw together a short-list of my current favorites!  These are only 5 of the many amazing photographers whose work I follow regularly, but check out their work and be inspired.  They're killing the photography game right now.

// Shannon Alexa Bray //

Shannon somehow manages to combine this lovely, soft, romantic quality with her own unique, hard, grungy edginess and when these two things meet, it's absolute magic.  Her talents range from wedding photography to portraits and headshots to concerts.  She's driven and ambitious and such a #girlboss.  I've been following Shannon and her work for some time now, and she's never not impressed me.  Always an inspiration.

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// Jordan Voth //

Jordan is somebody who I've found is not only technically, but also creatively, brilliant.  His photos are clean and beautiful and he brings a creative eye to every-day situations and clients, whether he's shooting an engagement or a wedding or some friends he's adventuring with.  He, I think, sets the standard for what modern professional photography should look like.

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// Ben Sasso //

Much like Jordan (in fact, I believe this picture is from a shoot they collaborated on), Ben's photos are clean and creative and innovative.  He raises the bar for today's photographers and sets expectations for what modern photography should be like.  He's always coming up with new concepts and, just when you think you've seen the absolute Best Photo Ever, he hits you with something newer and, somehow, even better.  My favorite thing about Ben is his passion for educating and sharing the knowledge he's collected over the years.  I've followed Ben's blog (almost religiously) for about a year now, and I always find his posts to be so informative and useful.

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// Matty Vogel //

I still haven't ventured out into the realm of concert photography (combining my passions for music and photos), but I've always had an immense appreciation for it.  Matty is, in my opinion, one of the strongest players in the music photography game right now (see also: Ashley Osborn).  He's always stunning his audiences, and each picture he comes out with is somehow stronger than the rest.

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// Gabrielle Shamon //

I stumbled upon this lady recently, and can I just say - wow.  Perhaps not widely heard of, this girl is a dark horse.  If you've never seen her work, you're missing out.  Go do yourself a favor and change that.  From her simplest portrait to her most complex pieces, her work always takes my breath away.  Her concept art is out of this world.  Her work ethic is inspiring and she's paving the way for strong, bold, independent women.  I'm telling you now, she's going to dominate.

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