YAY first post of the year!  2017 began perfectly with seeing friends in Florida and then heading out on a cruise to the Bahamas with Kirstyn + Jake's wedding crew!  I'd only been out of the country once before and never had been on a cruise so this was super exciting for me.  I found myself standing at the top of the ship a few times and just looking out at the ocean on every side of us, nothing else in sight.  None of us could believe it was actually January (which is exactly the way I like it).  Between swimming with fish on Paradise Island, dancing and chowing down on the best chicken nuggets that have ever graced my lips at Kirstyn + Jake's wedding reception, and sprinting across the lido deck in the middle of the night to find the right hot tub, it was an experience I won't soon forget.

One of the highlights of the trip was obviously getting to be a bridesmaid in Kirstyn and Jake's wedding.  I don't know if you recall, but I took photos of the big moment last year when Jake proposed to Kit at Disney's Boardwalk Resort.

I've been friends with Kirstyn since junior year of high school (we even did our Disney College Programs at the same time) and seeing her so happy makes my heart overflow.  Jake is a really great guy and compliments her so nicely.  The time leading up to their wedding was crazy, to say the least, and I'll just sum it up by saying never plan your wedding through a Carnival cruise.  Ever.  Once we arrived at the venue, though, everything was perfect.  The resort's wedding coordinator was on top of everything and really pulled through for them.  It was one of the most stunning venues I've seen and photos just don't do it justice, but I'll throw one in here anyway.

I kept catching myself staring at the water - I've never seen anything so blue in my life!  It looked like someone poured blue Gatorade into the ocean.  The wind was a little strong, but hey, what else do you expect from a tropical island?  The pianist played the loveliest music and the temperature was perfect and I couldn't imagine it having worked out better.  Of course, all of it paled in comparison to Kirstyn in her dress.

Photo Jan 02, 1 23 24 PM.jpg

It ended up raining right after this so we all sprinted back to the bus to go board the cruise ship again.  The rest of the night (and vacation) was so much fun.  I have an immense desire to travel the world and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to go visit a new place with such a fun group of people.

*Photos of bridesmaids getting ready taken by Isabelle McCauley.

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